Return Policy

  • According to the Book VI. Market practices and consumer protection from the Belgian Economic Law Code (hereafter called “LBC"), the client is entitled – without motivation - to renounce to purchase of the bought product within 14 days after delivery of the purchased product.
  • According Book VI. Market practices and consumer protection from the Belgian Economic Law Code, the client has no right to renounce if the object of the purchase is a product specially offered or manufactured for the client according to his own specifications (thus not standardly offered on or has an obvious personalized character. All items that are not standardly offered on are considered products with a personalized character. The following list is a non-exhaustive summary: tailor made jewellery, products with prices on request, loose diamonds, diamond jewellery with diamonds with altered specifications on specific request of the client, gemstones, products listed on that have been altered in any possible way on request of the client, etc.…These articles are explicitly manufactured or purchased at the request of the customer and as a result have a personal character. The return policy is therefore not valid on these articles.
  • For most purchases at PALART there is a delay between payment and reception. Occasionally, it is possible to immediately purchase, pay and receive a jewel that is available in one of the PALART showrooms. Consequently, the return policy does not apply here, since the customer was able to evaluate the diamond jewel before payment, purchase, and reception, just as with any 'bricks & mortar' jewellery store.
  • To avoid abuse, the right to renounce (return policy) is only applicable in case that the ordered and purchased article has been effectively delivered to and received by the client. In case that the client wishes to cancel an order prior to delivery, the return rule cannot be respected and thus this request is considered a breach of contract. PALART has the right to reject or accept the request. If PALART accepts the request, only possible if the product can be restocked without any further costs, 5% of the product price excl. VAT will be charged to the client to cover the extra administration cost resulting from thebreachofcontract.

           Extension to the right of renouncement  

  • Notwithstanding the legal prescriptions mentioned in art. 7.1. of the present general conditions, PALART grants to the client (but only those clients who are private individuals) the possibility -without motivation - to renounce to the purchase within thirty (30) days after delivery of the purchased product. The exception regarding the right to renounce according to art. 80, §4, 2° LBC are applicable.

          Conditions to the right of renouncement

  • When the client wants to exercise his right to renounce, he is obliged to return the delivered product within 30 days after reception of jewel.
  • Prior to the use of his right to renounce the client will inform a representative of PALART to renounce to the purchase. In case you want to return your purchased jewel,  
  • After the client informed the representative of PALART that he/she wants to exercise his/her right to renounce, the product must arrive in PALARTs' business seat at 2610 Antwerpen, België, Dichtersstraat 99 within fourteen (14) days after the last day of the return policy of 30 days is reached.


         Reshipment of the purchased product by renouncement

  • The product, object of renouncement, must be reshipped to PALARTs' business seat at 2610 Antwerpen, België, Dichtersstraat 99, were a representative of PALART will receive it.
  • Under no circumstances PALART will be responsible for the (arrangement of the) return, neither intervene in the arrangement of the insurance coverage for any returns.
  • Costs and Insurance of reshipment and costs resulting from incorrect application of the customs procedures related to the re-importation (from outside the European Union) of the purchased jewel will always be borne by the client. PALART will never be liable for damages, theft and/or loss included- of the reshipped product/packaging.
  • We advise the client to treat the jewellery with care and to send the jewel(s) back in their original packaging, complete with all documents and certificates. After we have received the jewel in our headquarters in Antwerp, the jewel will be submitted to a quality control by our Product Manager. If an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition, a compensation may be required. PALART can refuse the return if this takes place outside the 30 days after reception.
  • In case the lack of original packaging, documents, certificates, or damage of the jewel leads to a depreciation of the jewel, PALART can claim a damage compensation equivalent this depreciation. (article VI. 51, §2WER)

      Control of reshipped parcels after renouncement and/or exchange

  • As soon as the object of renouncement is received by PALART in Antwerp, it will be submitted to a quality control under the authority of the Product Manager of PALART, to verify if the condition of the reshipped product and packaging do not devaluate the purchased product, object of the right of renouncement or to be exchanged, in any way.
  • When reshipped, PALART will notify reception of the reshipment to the client by email or telephone.


           Reimbursement of the price

The purchase price paid by the client will be reimbursed by PALART within ten (10) working days after receipt or proof of return of the purchased product and after a satisfactory quality control of the purchased jewel(s), as provided in